Many Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Social Media

Social Media Listening

1. Monitor for buying indication terms and reply with helpful links

2. Listen for recommendation requests and share helpful links

3. Listen for discussions of your product or category and provide web links

4. Share relevant web content with prospects

5. Discover relevant blogs and ask for backlinks

Social Content

6. Include a strong call to action in all content

7. Tie content together so an eBook links to a relevant blog post which links to a topical webinar

8. Divide a piece of content into multiple Slideshare presentations that link to your site

9. House the blog on your website

10. Ask readers to sign up for your RSS feed

Social Media Engagement

11. Link back to your landing page for conversion

12. Answer all questions

13. Share peer referrals

14. Optimize your site and blog for mobile viewers

15. Start a LinkedIn group

Social Media Ads

16. Use a Facebook ad or promoted Tweet

17. Link back to dedicated landing pages for conversion

18. Create an ad on LinkedIn linking to a lead generation form on your site

19. Promote a web offer

20. Advertise on relevant forums

Social Media Measurement

21. Track which social channels drive the most traffic to your site

22. Incorporate social share buttons and track links

23. Track the success of social campaigns

24. Try different calls to action on your blog and track effectiveness

25. Measure eBook downloads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

26. Link content and similar keywords throughout your social channels

27. Use keywords on social media to provide a clear idea of the topic

28. Use the same keywords from your website on your social updates

29. Adjust blog headlines to include industry keywords that are commonly used

30. Interlink content and social media so that one promotes the other

Community Management

31. Keep your web content relevant and send updates to your community

32. Create a forum or community section on your website

33. Feature community members on your site

34. Share customer stories

35. Create referral programs

Influencer Relations

36. Ask influencers to share your web links

37. Interview an influencer for web content

38. Have an influencer guest blog

39. Help an influencer write content about your brand

40. Share products with influencers for feedback and web content


41. Answer questions with a video FAQ

42. Embed YouTube videos onto your website

43. Create product videos with a website call to action

44. Share your videos on your social channels

45. Create customer story videos on your website

Thought Leadership

46. Speak at events and post your presentation to your site

47. Post your presentations on Slideshare and embed them on your site

48. Write for industry blogs and cross link

49. Post your bio on your website

50. Include your website in all your social channel bios

Source by Afzol Ahmed

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