How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following? 4 tricks that could help you view private Instagram profiles & photos

Instagram is one of the fast growing social networking application, initially started as mobile app and extended usage with web browser. Today, Instagram has more than a billion customer base. Even though how big we built something, there could be always some loop holes and security flaws occurs eventually, when too many people access the software. Instagram is no difference.
As like other social media tools, Instagram do has public and private profile view options, which allows and restricts the content from the person on the other end through the Instagram social network. Now, the question comes here. For some reason, which might be legal or legit or for some curiosity, people want to know is there a way to view private Instagram profiles and photos of a person without following? My answer here is; Yes, you can view private Instagram photos or profile without following.
So, what are the methods to see the private profiles of a person in Instagram? Let’s dive into the tricks..

How to view Private Instagram Profiles without following?

Use Instagram Private Viewer Application

The quickest and the easiest solution available ready made in the internet to view others instagram profile is to use a private Instagram profile viewer application. Yes, there are certain websites, which allow you to view private instagram photos and information of others without even following.. The one that truly can help you will allow you to view profiles without taking any survey or download softwares, ,   are some of the best of this kind to help you view private instagram profiles without any tedious or harmful process. You can view private instagram stories or private instagram videos in no time, with no account and no effort, for free.

Instagram stories and photos of some one using 4 different methods.

Create a Bogus Account
I hope you know what a bogus account is. Yes, bogus account is creating a fake account, which is super duper hit for every user. Do you know how to view private instagram profiles using a bogus account? Here are the tricks. Create a new instagram account, complete your Instagram profile with neat bio, keep posting pics/ information on a regular basis and get sufficient followers for a period of time. Once you have a decent following, give a follow request to the person whose private profile you want to view and then game in.

Ask to follow them
One direct method which you can try is to express your interest to the person directly by giving a follow request. But, most of the time, the chances to get success in this method is 50:50 as, it entirely depends on if you know the person and the person judging you. You could explain to the person, why you want to follow them in a manner, it is acceptable. Once you have the first level approval, you can see their complete profile and get notified with all their personalized photos when ever they feed into Instagram.

Using Activity Tab
Another option, that comes default with Instagram is, you can view private Instagram photos and profiles using the activity Tab. The Activity tab is one with the heart shape button. Hit that, and you can see, 2 tabs namely you and following. Click on following and see the list of activity done by your friends. If some of your friends are friend to your private instagram profile, then, you got a gem. Ask your friend to give introduction to the other party or you can just sit and watch the private photos of the other whenever your friend hits a like or comment.
I hope, by now, you are clear on how to view private instagram profiles without following. Also, if any one asks, is there a way to view private instagram photos, slap them with this post. If there is any other methods, then do let me know in comments.

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