How to view private stories on Instagram

Many people make their Instagram accounts private. But, even though an account is private, it does not mean you can’t view it. Watch Insta can be used to view the Instagram account. To use, you will need to follow these steps:

Check your Account

You must verify that Watch Insta is authorized before you can use it. Watch Insta won’t work if you don’t have an Instagram account. Next, you will need to create an Instagram account.

Select the type of viewing you prefer

You can choose what you wish to see. Click on images/videos or text files. You can also choose to view all. Next, select View Profile.

These are the Top Benefits of Watch Insta. View an Account

  • Even if an account is private, you can still view an individual’s Instagram photos. This is applicable to almost all Instagram accounts.
  • Private media can be viewed.
  • You can always return to this page to check for updates.
  • It is constantly being improved and tested.
  • You won’t be able tell who you viewed your profile.

Storytour: Why would you want to use it?

If you have an Instagram-using child or partner, storytour may be a good option. It may be useful for entertainment purposes.

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